Founded in 1929 by Marcel Mauguière, Compresseurs Mauguière is a family company based in the east of France, manufacturing reciprocating air compressors, as well as many accessories related to compressed air (pneumatic tools, spray guns, ... In 1976, Mauguière joined a large global group, specialist in compressed air, and also manufactures non-lubricated compressors, pistons and spirals. In 1989, Mauguiere adds screw compressors to its catalog. Built in Saint Ouen Alms in Ile de France Mauguière is an essential competitor on the French market, with a complete and original range of lubricated and non-lubricated compressors, in the most modern technologies, as well as accessories for compressed air treatment. condensates.Our distribution networkMauguière relies on a dense network of approved regional distributors, who benefit from technical training provided by Our care.With them, we maintain a real partnership, for the benefit of the user.Our commitmentsThe satisfaction of our customers is our greatest pride.This satisfaction is the result of all our efforts in terms of innovation and qualityOur ranges compressors are renewed on average every 4 years, in order to always stay one step ahead. Thanks to the technology watch, our research departments constantly improve the quality and reliability of our products. With our dense network of distributors We have a full commercial and technical partnership. You can count on their competence.QualityAll manufacturing plants are certified ISO 9001: 1996 and ISO 14001, thus giving the guarantee of an irreproachable quality, and respect for the environment.
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