Expert in specialized mechanical engineering for several decades, the COUTIER Group which today counts 80 people with a turnover of 14.5 million?, Realizes innovative solutions in logistics and security. , spread over 2 areas of development, extends to all sectors of industrial activities ranging from the automobile and its subcontractors to the mobile operators to the steel and nuclear industries. divided into three families of patented standard products manufactured in series and available for sale on the catalog: - Access locking panels for fixed ladders with or without crinoline, whose turnover represents 14 of the company's activity . The main outlets concern mobile telephony, highway signage, automobile, food industry, wastewater treatment plants - control and infraudability systems (guards and slides) for screened gates and mobile controlled protectors on machines and around automated areas in the industry- towable wagons for the management of production flows in the automotive industry mainly and its subcontractors. These products, which account for 30% of the group's activity, have been on the market for two years to meet a growing demand in the field of logistics, which, thanks to a carefully designed design, meets security needs. and more and more ergonomic at the customers (reduction of rolling noise in convoy, improvement of thrust and workability at the workstation, automatic safety of use). The other part of In contrast, the company focuses on tailor-made industrial projects, particularly in the field of mechanical engineering, handling and packaging (rolling girders, conveyors, swings, containers, line-handling trucks?). These files are processed according to specifications of our customers or according to a defined need that the company analyzes and for which it develops a specific adapted solution. The studies and development are carried out within the company thanks to the use of appropriate software (Catia, Autocad) and computerized management of production based on a newly acquired machine park (3 million investment on 4,500 m² covered and 1 ha of land) including a plasma cutting table with multi-head drilling-milling-tapping.
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