Manufacturer of high performance sheet metal working machines. Our accessibility objective ula't'rmakt'r.ür can even use the advanced technology sheet metal processing for small workshops and services, we create high quality solutions for all plate processing and are spread over a range.

Today, 50,000 units stop the machine around the world and bring efficiency of the process in different industries, and today most with our future and always slogan Our commitment to great years of experience olmaktad'r .55, three modern production facilities with a covered area of ??100,000m2 and our company with 6,000 annual production volume is one of the world's largest manufacturer of sheet metal working machinery. Durmazlar as a company, but also customers around the world and 80 countries distributor 'business partner' is to communicate with the approach.

Our products are Durmazlar's commitment to stand behind whenever its founder, Ali Durmaz "work with" philosophy is to continue to deserve the trust of his partners.

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