One of the major problems in the manufacturing process lies in the assembly of thin sheets, tubes or in thin-walled sections with a simple, efficient and cost-effective technique. Different solutions can be used such as welded nuts, inserts used to increase the number of nets.

These techniques have many disadvantages: loss of material, multiplication of production steps, additions of external elements, high costs, quality and resistance ... The Formdrill flow forming system makes it possible to form a sleeve using only the material of the part . The resulting sleeve increases the height available for tapping.

Thus, rather than piercing by removing material, we use it to form a one-piece socket and get a stronger set.

The advantages of the Formdrill flow-through system are:
- Economic
- Resistant bushing
- No special machine is required
- Very low investment
- High quality
- No reported items
- Decrease of production steps
- Clean workspace (no chips)

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