In 2012, Muller introduced a new line of global stretch film equipment that offers customers an expanded range of stretch wrap packaging solutions, while operations and the best service customers streamline simultaneously. To support this effort, Muller has teamed up with its counterparts in Europe, Haloila, to standardize and produce a supply of equipment that is compliant across the globe.

By joining forces, Muller is able to provide its customers with improved technology, a wider range of innovative equipment solutions, and a global support network. In addition, Muller's operations in Montreal, Canada continues to focus on delivering innovative retrofits and cost reduction improvements for existing equipment installations. With the help of a team of talented and vast manufacturing engineers and technicians, Muller has a proven history of developing distinctive machines and innovative options to meet some of the toughest stretch film challenges.

Film making

Clear, high-quality cast stretch films are manufactured at a Muller facility in Orange, Texas. This new plant produces a variety of films from the machine using a sophisticated 5-layer extrusion process. The factory is equipped with the latest test equipment.

Strategically located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Douglasville Muller's stretch film manufacturing facility produces millions of pounds of stretch film blown each year on state-of-the-art equipment. The installation complies with strict quality control procedures to ensure uniform product, without problem.

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