Matcon created on January 1, 1978 by takeover of another company that had more than thirty years of experience in the field of nondestructive testing (NDT) and security technology. The latter means more than sixty (60) years of experience in order to reach a satisfied customer.

Safety and shower production.

The demand for continuous safety and Protective Clothing (Gas-tight suits, Splash suits, chemical suits, chemical workwear (jackets, pants, overalls / one-piece suits, aprons, etc.). Air Clothing Provided (Hoods, Semi-suits , full suits) we have in our program.

The origin has never lost sight and the Non Destructive Testing program has never been so complete. These include, for example, PT or magnetic inspection systems, as well as current Eddy ultrasound and X-Technology is present in our program.

In addition, we provide Durometers, Endoscopes, Copen Fiber, Video Probes and a wide range of optical instruments.

You should see the products mentioned in a broader perspective possible and is subject to continuous progress in the field of demand and technical progress. It is clear that "development" is very important to us.

Matcon produced in a system compliant with NEN-EN-ISO 9001.

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