Modeling the Ambiguous Cylinder - Episode 11 - SOLIDWORKS Live Design

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020Description :
Discover this very cool optical illusion, and use some intermediate/advanced modeling techniques (multi-body modeling, combine tool, intersect tool, 3D Sketching) to design in SOLIDWORKS. Lots of 3D-printed props. Great opportunity to discuss 3D printing capabilities in SOLIDWORKS. Home 3D Print and stoke your kids. Example:'v=oWfFco7K9v8 Watch other LIVE Design episodes:'list=PLiKqXuECiKNJVXioeK3_v7CvSzT94jGEB #SOLIDWORKS #SWLive #SWTutorials Subscribe to our channel: Visit our website: Follow us! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:

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