Ricciarelli Packaging Machinery is a leading company in the field of automatic machines for the packaging of food products. She was born in 1843 under the name "Garibaldo Ricciarelli", at that time she produced pasta molds. Later, she joined the SASIB group (C.I.R.), present throughout the world in the Packaging, Bakery and Industrial Pastry, Bottling and Tobacco sectors. Since May 22, 2003, its corporate name is RICCIARELLI S.p.A.

For more than 150 years, the Ricciarelli brand has been recognized worldwide as synonymous with quality and guarantee in the world of packaging.

Thanks to the accumulated experience of all these years, "Ricciarelli Packaging Machinery" holds a leading position in the packaging sector: both for the completeness of its range and for the advanced technology of its machines.

Ricciarelli designs machines and complete lines for weighing, packaging and packaging of dry, fresh and frozen food products.

Pasta, snacks, dried fruit, bakery products, fresh and frozen foods, animal products, laundry and medical products are just some of the many areas in which we work.

We have a structure entirely devoted to the Dry, Fresh and Frozen sector (dry, fresh and frozen products) and who will always be at your disposal to satisfy your packaging requirements.

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