Who is SolidCAM and why does it do what others can not do?

Founded in 1984

With over 27 years of expertise in the development of machining solutions, SolidCAM began as a stand-alone system. After several years of success, Dr. Emil Somekh realized that it would be even more efficient to focus on a single CAM software and integrate it into the SolidWorks solution. This allows you to focus only on the development of machining functions and let the power of SolidWorks master the design. This same architecture was later used for integration with Inventor.

Our mission

Provide powerful and easy-to-use machining software that integrates seamlessly with a specialized design tool. We provide a superior machining product. Our challenge denouncing the promises of some competitors:

- Associativity claim from autonomous software!

Automatic routes that run on single piece or demonstration. Miraculous toolpaths that only work on the latest machines with the latest expensive options!

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