technax industrie specializes in the following assembly techniques:

- Resistance welding

- Resistance welding

- Induction brazing

- Ultrasonic and laser welding

These techniques are integrated in a whole range of machines:

- manual

- semi-automatic

- automatic as well as in assembly lines.

We only weld metals and especially cuprous ones. Our know-how is oriented towards the design and the proposal of assembly solutions answering your specifications. Indeed, all our machines are tailor-made and dedicated to your application. However, we also offer standard products such as pneumatic and digital welding heads (spot, end, dial) and welding accessories (sequences, transformers, quality control devices, manipulators, etc.).

All our products and machines are entirely made by us;

- With 2 masters-words: Quality and Reliability.

Quality & Reliability

Due to our quality requirements, we always put ourselves at the forefront of technology and use the best components available on the market. We have a test laboratory that allows us to constantly validate the characteristics and the technical adequacy of our products.

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