Specialty in the machining pipe

Over the years, we have continually expanded the specialty. After Norbert Wortelboer in 1981 joined the company, various organizations were eliminated and the delivery of machinery and tools widely for the hose and the width sheet.

Introduction of the tube end preparation machine

At the request of several customers were introduced to the PBM machine in 1993: the now famous machine for preparing the end of the tube. The first copy was a machine for the 6 "t / m pipe (170 mm outer diameter) could be processed.In the course of time, we have machines for t / m pipe 780 mm outside diameter.

The development of other machines

In 2008/2009, we developed the TPP machine. This allows the pipe ends can be sanded clean, so that there is no contamination of the weld can occur during welding. Soon, we will also launch a special pipe cutting machine on the market, for thick-walled tubes can be seen in a fast way.

Custom machines

Over the years, we have at the request of customers as well as special custom machines developed and produced. Examples include a processing machine for curves that simultaneously updates both ends and a machine to quickly and easily tapered fiberglass reinforced tube ends. In addition, we are currently under construction includes a machine for simultaneously cutting and beveling pipes, and a grinding machine penetration in pipelines. All to provide our customers the right machines.

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