Founded in 2005, TPL Vision designs and manufactures led lighting solutions to equip specialized cameras for quality control. The vision systems thus obtained are able to process any kind of application specific to machine vision.


A pioneer in France for the design and manufacture of LED lighting in the field of industrial vision, the company invests heavily in its R & D department. By using the latest manufacturing technologies and ever more efficient materials, she regularly designs new lighting, even more powerful, reliable and easy to use. As proof: the recent release of LedBrick, which allows the user to create his own backlight lighting high power by clipping thin LED bricks.

Thanks to its specialized in-house equipment, TPL Vision is not just a manufacturer. Its qualified team is attentive to the needs of its customers and deals with their projects with commitment by arranging internal equipment and its laboratory. The production of TPL Vision products is organized in collaboration with a quality department; this approach promises a fast and efficient production of reliable and quality products.


The mission of TPL Vision does not stop at the production of lighting: the company is committed to providing consulting and feasibility services, to carry out all the projects entrusted to it. Based on a few samples from its customers, the company conducts extensive analysis to select the best lighting solution, given the constraints. Customized solutions can also be developed to meet the most complex vision problems.

A committed expert, TPL Vision supports all its clients in their projects, whatever they may be. Quality, responsiveness and service are the founding principles of the company.

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