Founded in 2002, TREVISAN FRANCE is dedicated to the marketing of machine tools and their accessories, provides technical service to its customers with highly qualified personnel. Thanks to its experience in the sector, the company TREVISAN FRANCE has a range of highly productive machines and maximum quality. Specialized in large size machining and in large productions of small and medium parts. In addition, and following trends in the metallurgical industry, TREVISAN FRANCE offers complete solutions and products that increase the added value of the part.

TREVISAN FRANCE distributes various types of machine tools:

TREVISAN boring and turning centers with turning / milling / boring pallet change for medium and large sizes, in a range that allows turning up to 3000 mm in diameter. Trevisan centers also allow the complete machining of a part (milling, turning, polishing) in a single part taking. This is possible thanks to the integrated U-axis, controlled by NC, which makes it possible to realize various turning diameters with a single tool. In addition, TREVISAN machining centers incorporate a B-axis in the table that allows positioning in 360,000 positions, and in this way, machining all sides in a single workpiece.

VISUAL lathes, boring machines and milling machines for high precision machining. VISUAL machines adapt to the needs of each customer and the specific specifications, which can be equipped with double RAM, motorization for milling, drilling, grinding, with trays from 1400 mm up to large dimensions. VISUAL Towers combine high performance in turning with high precision for very fine machining.

SPADA multi-station transfer machining centers for large productions of small and medium parts. SPADA transfer centers can perform various types of machining in one station, each machining unit being a small 3 or 4-axis machining center. In this way, very different workpieces can only be machined by changing the tooling of the workpiece.

THINK 'PC PROGETTI' valves, tubes and actuators test benches. By meeting the needs of valve, tube and actuator manufacturers, TREVISAN FRANCE also markets PC PROGETTI test benches, which ensure the correct operation of the different types of valves that are currently manufactured worldwide.

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