Yuanxu Packing (Shanghai) Machinery Co., LTD was established in July 1998. We have been engaged in the research and development of packaging production system and automatic equipment for decades.

This system includes Automatic shrink wrapping machine, Automatic Carton Erector, Automatic carton packing machine, Automatic carton sealing machine, Automatic strapping machine, Automatic palletizing machine, Arrow type tying machine, Automatic machine expandable packaging, and so on. Every month we make more or less 80 pcs stretching packaging machine for domestic and overseas customers, if we have the valuable reputation of "teacher of stretch packaging machines" industry, we will Develop more and more technological packaging machinery especially for you and help you gain a competitive advantage, choose Yuanxu Pack as your partner and watch your sales and profits grow.

According to the internal market surveys in the packaging machine industry, we found that many companies could not meet the needs of customers in the qualities and after-sales services.

In contrast, our company devotes to providing all-dimensional customer services, letting customers enjoy the perfect service as well as getting the exact gift. We got a lot of reputation from all the customers both in China and around the world, such as Bosth, LG, DHL, Beijing airline, Samsung group, etc. The management concept of us is "Excellent Practical Quality". Do provide quality products to customers, let customers enjoy all the practical services of size, and finally earn the excellent customer ratings.

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