YuMi Testing and Assembly for ABB Drives


Friday, September 4, 2020Description :
The post-test processing was somewhat of a bottleneck and manual process often causing tested drives to sit idle before being sent to the next step in the line. YuMi’s vision system allows the bit to precisely engage with each screw, eliminating the need for the other arm to hold a guide to steady the screws as was originally designed into the system. Equipped with an Atlas-Copco Micro Torque Smart Screwdriver, the smart tool integrated with the YuMi has force-torque sensing that ensures that the robot performs the exact screw rotations needed to unfasten the test board. There were often issues with manual screw gun operators unscrewing too much or too little, damaging the test plate and the screws and causing delays. To learn more about our collaborative robots, please visit, http://solutions.abb/cobots YuMi® can help you automate your application, https://applicationbuilder.robotics.abb.com/

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