Free roller or wheel extendable conveyor


Free roller or wheel extendable conveyor
Description :

The extendable conveyor allows processing of variable and temporary flows, for co-packing and co-manufacturing applications as well as for the infeed and outfeed of packaging machines.

It ensures a considerable reduction in truck loading and unloading time, reduced tedium and increased safety.

The extendable conveyor is space-saving because it can be deformed in any position, as an accordion.

In addition, extendable conveyors can be easily and quickly connected to each other. This makes it possible to form a larger circuit and to have no distance constraints.

Benefits :

  • Optimisation of productivity
  • Improve working conditions
  • Space-saving
  • Handling over long distances

Technical data :

  • Charge maximum : 80 Kg/ml
  • Maximum unfolded length : 11.36 m
  • Maximum folded length : 2.24 m
Application area(s)

Loading/Unloading trucks, Entire industry, Logistics, Parcel, E-commerce

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