Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division provides solutions that use design and engineering, production and metrology data to make manufacturing smarter. The Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence team works with its customers to improve productivity by implementing quality throughout the life cycle of a product.

Our technology allows manufacturers to control quality at all key stages of their process. With an unrivaled portfolio of digital manufacturing technologies including CAE solutions for design and engineering, CAD / CAM products and complementary software for manufacturing applications, hardware and software metrology solutions, as well as data management and analysis tools, we provide global technology users with in-depth information on product quality, ensuring that quality boosts productivity. Together, our software solutions establish a digital thread through the manufacturing process, allowing the entire factory to have a global vision of quality and to perform fast and secure collaborative work to achieve the desired result.

Our hardware solutions use metrology to integrate attributes from the physical world into the digital wire to improve the accuracy of operations. The digital wire forms a connected production ecosystem and allows, in combination with skills and intelligence, continuous learning to improve the quality of products. By placing quality at the heart of the process, we develop autonomous connected ecosystems for manufacturing, more commonly known as smart factories.
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