optibelt LASER POINTER II - Aids the alignment of belt drives

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Thursday, October 15, 2020Description :
https://www.optibelt.com/en/products/technical-devices/optibelt-laser-pointer-ii/ An indispensable aid for belt drives – optibelt LASER POINTER II The optibelt LASER POINTER II makes it easier to align belt drives. The belt pulleys are aligned to each other via the front or lateral faces. The LASER POINTER II is simple to handle and can be fastened in a matter of seconds. This is a practical aid for professional alignment of belt pulleys. Advantages of the new appliance - Laser performance up to five times higher - Optimised batteries / longer durability / commercially available 1,5 V AA - More accurate, improved spacer rail / magnetic discs due to more precise optical characteristics - Made in Germany Characteristics - Quick and easy to use with belt drives - Measurement of parallel and angular misalignment - High level of operational safety - Time-saving and accurate measurement methods - Supplied in a practical service box: small for practical handling - Includes accessories (target magnets, distance discs, batteries)

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