Video of the Week – How igus drylin linear robot technology can help you carry on camping

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Saturday, June 27, 2020Description :
The innovative Camping Butler cleans mobile toilet cartridges, from caravans and camper vans, fully automatically and contact-free from the inside and outside. No matter how full or very dirty the cassette is, the Camping Butler cleans it completely. In the week’s video we go behind the scenes to see how exactly the automated cleaning system works. The linear robot is built using drylin ZLW belt drive units with stainless steel components for easy cleaning. Each of the axes are driven by stepper motors fitted with encoders. The 360-degree rotation of the cassette during cleaning is achieved using a curved gear rack, which has an igubal-based suspension. All of the chainflex power and control cables and cleaning fluid and freshwater hoses are safely guided using E4 and Z16 e-chains. Once the cassette is cleaned the door is opened, and this is driven by a worm gear with a DC motor and drylin W linear guide. The Camping Butler combines decades of mechanical engineering knowledge with robust and high-quality industrial components. By using igus products is the whole system is lubrication-free, robust and reliable.

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