Yumi in Livanova


Thursday, August 13, 2020Description :
YuMi is helping LivaNova, a global leader in biomedical equipment to automate the cleanroom process of assembling and testing a specific component of blood separation centrifuges. ABB along with its solutions partner Sintech, was able to develop this application solution which has helped LivaNova improve its productivity and process efficiency. In this video, you can see how YuMi’s inherently safe design has enabled a safe and close human-robot collaboration. YuMi’s agile design and ease-of-use has not only improved the efficiency of the process but has assisted the engineers to adopt, program and implement the application in a limited amount of time. You can read more about this success story here: https://new.abb.com/news/detail/61712/Yumi-Sintech-Livanova

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