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Roller guide systems from norelem

Whether for tool or machine construction - in particular in the development of intelligent handling and automation solutions - in warehouse and transport logistics, or for medical technology: Roller guide and telescopic rail systems from norelem are widely used and offer a wide range of solution options for aligning dual-track parallel guide systems.
Application sectors for norelem roller guide systems

The roller guiding systems from norelem are always used when parts, segments of machines or plants have to be moved along a linear axis for operational, production or logistic reasons.

Types of norelem roller guide systems

Roller guide systems from norelem comprise of guide rails with lengths up to 4080 mm and in compact and heavy-duty design sized 20, 30 and 45 mm. Depending on the size and dimensions, the roller guide systems can operate with static loads of up to 5,500 N and dynamic loads up to 12,280 N.

The combination of fixed and floating bearing rail prevents annoying tilting and unnecessary wear of the roller guide systems, the carriage can be made play-free by simply adjusting the central cam roller to the desired tension in the rail. This guarantees precise running, the permanently lubricated roller bearing ensures maintenance-free operation. A mounted wiper ensures clean running surfaces.
Roller guide rails from norelem

In comparison to standard steel rails, these higher-quality roller guide rails from norelem made from roller bearing steel with electro zinc-plated and inductively hardened tracks deliver better running properties and higher stable values.
Roller carriages from norelem

In addition to standard steel roller carriages, norelem also offers steel roller carriages with modified polyamide wipers and aluminium roller carriages with modified polyamide wipers. The die-cast aluminium roller carriages use a patented wiper technology which ensures that both faster and quieter travel speeds can be achieved and that the entire system can be lubricated during movement.
Materials used in the roller guide systems

Roller carriages from norelem are made from steel or aluminium and are electro zinc-plated. The rollers are also steel, the lateral sealing strip on the roller carriage is rubber, the head of the roller carriage is polyester and the wipers are modified polyamide.

The rails of the roller guiding systems from norelem are made of steel or ball bearing steel, the surfaces are electro zinc-plated. The tracks and balls are induction hardened and the rails, runners and ball cages are electro zinc-plated.

Advantages of roller guide systems

The norelem roller guide systems in the ?THE BIG GREEN BOOK? or in the norelem webshop are extremely robust, have light running roller guides and are very low maintenance. The coefficient of friction of the norelem roller carriages is very low, making them light running. DIN EN ISO screws can be used making the rails easy to install.

Other advantages:

Roller guide and telescopic systems ensure easier handling processes in many sectors

Roller guide systems contribute to efficient production and compact plant concepts

High load ratings of roller rail systems enable high loads

Travel speeds of up to 7 m/sec are possible

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