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We offer high performance industrial traceability, modular, simple and effective solutions which fit into production processes, in collaboration with our qualified suppliers.
99.6% of surveyed clients are satisfied with the quality of their relation with Technomark.
For 97.8% of them the Technomark company listen to its customers and their expectations. (Study realized in December 2016 in France by the Prestance office).

DOT PEEN : The principle is based on a hollow deformation of the material with vibrating tip carbide which creates a character by a series of points.
It provides a permanent marking, without risk of fracture initiation on all materials that accept deformation and have hardness less than 63 HRC.

Scribing : The principle is based on penetration of the marking point in the material under the effect of air pressure thereby creating a continuous line of a character of high legibility.
This technology is silent, less than 72 dB (A), particularly suitable for marking noise generating parts, tools of high hardness and also for marking aspect.

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