Dot peen marking equipment MULTI4 Hand Held


Dot peen marking equipment  MULTI4 Hand Held
Description :

To provide greater mobility to each operator, Technomark designed a hand held model.
Fully designed, the hand held model is perfect for dot peen marking large parts and surfaces difficult to reach.
With its ergonomic design, it mark perfect quality characters in all positions.
Robust and very compact, it can be used in a workshop, or outdoors, for marking parts of medium and large sizes.

Product advantages
Autonomous : With (optional) battery kit, it can be used indoors or outdoors.
Strong : Its cast aluminium frame makes it more robust and stronger while diminishing maintenance needs.
Easy to use : Its specially designed locator allows for excellent support during the marking.
Handy : An additional handle is mounted to the marking head for increased stability, regardless of head position.

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