Technomark conduct FOR FREE your MARKING TESTS


Technomark conduct FOR FREE your MARKING TESTS
Wednesday, September 16, 2020Description :

On site or remotely, Technomark conduct demo and free marking tests.

You’re interested in Technomark’s machines and you would like to conduct marking tests on your parts or samples ? Our teams are here to support you on site or remotely.

You can constat the results by yourself and validate the rendered, we make free marking samples direclty on your parts. You can send us your parts to be marked with a description of your needs for the dot peen or laser marking. Once your marking test realized, we make a detailled test report which is sent in the same time than your marked parts. This report contain all the parameters for the best marking possible : which force is used, which matrix, which speed and which depth for example. All those tests are realized without any touching and without any shift.

For your complex request, our study office can support you to customize your traceability solutions (from mechanical to software).

If you want us to be physically present and if the sanitary situation permit it, we also realize free demo in your commercial building, or in Technomark’s showroom. Obviously, our technical and sales teams makes demo in strict respect of the sanitary rules.

To learn more, do not hesitate to have a look at our page dedicated to before and after sales service =>Learn more

You want to realize marking tests ? Don't wait any longer =>Contact us !

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