UNILOCK 5-axis basic module double clamp size 80 mm


Wednesday, July 19, 2023Description :

Carbon steel.

Main body oxidised.
Contact faces hardened and ground.

The UNILOCK 5-axis basic module can be adapted directly to subplates with grid holes or T-slots or to tooling plates with a hole pitch of 40/50 mm system size M12. Suitable for UNILOCK zero point clamping system with UNILOCK clamping bolts. Can also be used on the conventional zero point clamping systems by mounting an appropriate adapter clamping bolt.

The basic module without base is particularly suitable for space-saving set-ups.

The following clamping forces are possible with the UNILOCK clamping pin in conjunction with M10, M12, M16 fastening screws:
- Clamping force (M10) 35,000 N
- Clamping force (M12) 50,000 N
- Clamping force (M16) 75,000 N

Clamping force with DIN EN ISO 4762 -12.9 cap screws

Clamping pins may only be clamped in conjunction with a mounted interchangeable unit in the clamping module.

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