Absolute Tracker service: ISO-accredited compensation, calibration and certification


Tuesday, August 4, 2020Description :
When you send one of your advanced Hexagon laser tracker systems to us for servicing, it goes through an unmatched array of compensation, calibration and certification processes performed by skilled engineers in an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory. From system diagnostics and technical examination through traceable calibrations and performance testing, we examine every aspect of your Absolute Tracker and sensors such as the Leica T-Probe, Lecia T-Scan 5 or Leica Absolute Scanner LAS. The result is a system guaranteed to be within manufacturer specifications thanks to our compensation process and ISO-approved certification. You’ll even get a built-in reminder for when the system is next due for recertification, and if you invest in one of our comprehensive Customer Care Packages, the whole process is priced in in advance. That’s world-class service and support from Hexagon.

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