SmartBridge from Pepperl + Fuchs for the management of online detectors


SmartBridge from Pepperl + Fuchs for the management of online detectors
Thursday, January 1, 2015Description :

With SmartBridge, consumer mobile devices can be used for commissioning, parameterizing, diagnostics, maintenance and servicing of industrial detectors without wiring or installation.

The "glass machine" illustrates how SmartBridge simplifies the functions of the detectors for the user. The system consists of an adapter and an application for smartphone and tablet.

Use of smartphones and tablets for detection technologies

The SmartBridge adapter is inserted into the power cable of the detector and powered via it. In parallel with the IO-Link communication with the controller, a wireless connection is established with the mobile devices.

With the intuitive SmartBridge application, smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS) can be used to control industrial detectors in a practical way: they enable commissioning and maintenance tasks without installation work or intervention Control software.

Depending on the type of application, adapters can be inserted into the sensor power cable temporarily or permanently. In addition to the IO-Link interface with the detector and the Bluetooth module, they are equipped with a memory card for recording detection data over extended periods. The adapters also include a USB interface for reading the recorded data.

With SmartBridge, smartphones and tablets become usage and display units for various applications:

Playing and Changing Settings ("Digital Screwdriver")

Display of measured values, also for digital data transfer detectors ("intelligent multimeter")

Recording of measurement and diagnostic data over extended periods

Reconciliation of detectors and the Internet

Additional options are available when the mobile device is connected to the Internet via a wireless LAN or a telecommunications standard such as GSM, UMTS or LTE. A gateway between the detector and the Internet is thus obtained, which makes it possible to use all the services available on the web.

SmartBridge is thus an additional step towards horizontal communications essential to Industry 4.0 scenarios.

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