New Alicona collaborative measurement mystems for large parts


New Alicona collaborative measurement mystems for large parts
Thursday, November 24, 2016Description :

In the era of "Industry 4.0" and "Intelligent Factory", production strategies must be flexible and require a real interaction between Man and Robot. Alicona has developed its own collaborative systems combining Robotics and 3D optical metrology to allow a very flexible quality control in production. These new innovative collaborative measurement systems allow measurements to be made on large parts, either manually or automatically. Extremely robust, Alicona systems can be used, for example, to measure micro-geometries on large disks weighing up to 120 kg (see illustration) or to measure large, positioned parts Horizontally, over which projections or surfaces have to be checked. In terms of applications, this new robotic measurement system, integrated in production, allows the analysis of angle breaks according to aeronautical standards. Verification of the minimum radius and the length of the chamfer avoids the presence of sharp edges which could in the worst case affect the safety of aircraft.

The system also makes it possible to quantify impacts or micro-scratches on the surface of these parts. The quality control of the circular saws or the grinding wheels is also among the other possible applications with this type of system. The operation of the robot is very Flexible and can therefore be easily moved in different areas. This allows the user to measure directly on the workpiece or to bring the workpiece to the system to measure it. The new robotic measurement system is very ergonomic and easy to use, In automatic mode.

A series of measurements can be pre-programmed and carried out without special supervision. In manual mode, the user can easily manipulate the robot arm using two handles and a joystick integrated on the sensor to orient it to the desired measurement position . A smartphone, equipped with a dedicated application, allows visualization, precise manual positioning and live measurement. Finally, a measurement report showing conforming and non-compliant data is issued at the end of the inspection. According to Alicona, "the smart factory" is based on a total interaction between the machines and the Men.

Our collaborative measurement systems allow a mastery of manufacturing processes thanks to the combination of automated precision metrology and robotics. As a user, you can benefit from greater accuracy and speed of production, as well as greater efficiency and operator safety.

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