Forked photoelectric sensors


Forked photoelectric sensors
Description :

Fork photoelectric sensors combine transmitter and receiver in one device and are therefore perfectly aligned with each other. They have a precise visible red or invisible infrared light beam. The fine light beam creates a light spot with a very small diameter over the entire fork width. The sensitivity is adjusted via an integrated potentiometer. This enables the smallest parts, holes, grooves or notches to be detected. If the active light beam between transmitter and receiver is interrupted, the output switches accordingly.

There is a choice between dark switching (NC contact) or light switching (NO contact). Adjustable via a selector switch directly on the unit.

All forked photoelectric sensors are rated IP67. The device is connected via a 3-pole M8x1 plug.


Housing aluminium

Housing black anodised.

Type of operation:
Setting the sensitivity:
- The sensitivity is highest when the potentiometer is turned to the left, very small parts can be detected. The dirt insensitivity is low.
- The sensitivity is lowest when turned to the right, large parts can be detected. The dirt insensitivity is high.

Setting the selctor switch NO/NC
- Turned left = NO (normally open)
- Turned right = NC (normally closed)

Application area(s)

This product is not suited as a sensor for the protection of persons

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