IMTS 2018 - SPRING Technologies Launches NCSIMUL 2018

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IMTS 2018 - SPRING Technologies Launches NCSIMUL 2018
Tuesday, July 17, 2018Description :

Optimization of machine utilization, predictive work flow, automation, and security of the digital chain are the highlights of this new release.

SPRING Technologies, software provider for enhancing the efficiency of CNC machines, is pleased to announce that the release of 2018 NCSIMUL is available now and will officially launch at IMTS 2018 in Chicago during the week of September 10 - 15. The company's booth is E-133267. "Everywhere in the world, Industry 4.0 and the digital channel are, more than ever, important issues to manufacturers," said Silvère Proisy, North American Operations Manager. "The new NCSIMUL release, together with its modules, place digitalization at the core of the workshop, and especially at the service of people, to improve the competitiveness and reliability of manufacturing."

Highlights of the latest release include improving forecasts, reducing operating cycles, automating and making production reliable – whatever the numerical control machine tool (CNC) – and allowing the company to capitalize its knowledge and expertise. All of these attributes result as valuable assets for manufacturing companies. Furthermore, a numerical chain that links openly and automatically from the engineering department to the shop floor, is a real need and provides a genuine decision-making tool for programmers and operators working at the machines.

NCSIMUL 2018: New Features
The following modules have been improved, according to the demands of the customers and the market needs: Collision-free NCSIMUL MACHINE; CNC part transfer - 4CAM; Operation cycle reduction – OPTITOOL; Automatic Verification – AUTOMATION; Program transfer – DNC ; Machine status monitoring - MONITOR ; Technical Sheets – PUBLISHER; immersive, collaborative and mobile 3D – PLAYER.

The main innovations of the 2018 release are:

This module can be added to SPRING's two key products: NCSIMUL MACHINE and NCSIMUL 4CAM.

In NCSIMUL MACHINE: Provides existing G-code optimization, and the resulting rewritten program offers efficiency gains anywhere between 5 and 25%.

Optimization of toolpaths (imported, converted, or programmed) with NCSIMUL 4CAM.

Turning, in addition to milling, is newly accounted for, giving the user the opportunity to better understand (their/the) tool wear rate.

User experience is improved with, and automation of before/after comparisons, allows for faster analysis of the results at the machine and helps to make the right decision about the optimal machining program.

G-Code creation is 8X faster.

Analysis for traverse motions is now improved and provides a comprehensive comparison between two available CNC machines in time and tool travel distance. This is an exclusive tool to facilitate a decision in the workshop between machines and gain optimal productivity.

In NCSIMUL Machine, Automation module runs automatically G-code validations without user interaction. It provides a go/no-go gage on CNC programs to the shop floor.

Automation is improved with a better workflow based on XML development. The system can be set on a company server, and will process continuously job validations provided by the programming team.

Dedicated to the automatic generation of datasheets in the workshop, the NCSIMUL 2018 release allows for the documentation of each operation, with more details and graphics, to improve communication and collaboration between the programmer and the shop floor. It is a smart assistant built to eliminate any possible misinterpretations.

Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies concludes: "Our innovative technologies, our strong commitment to optimizing the value chain, our involvement in competitiveness clusters, GIFAS and other networks, places us at the core of factory of the future ecosystem, through Industry 4.0. Uses and interactions between people and machines are changing significantly. NCSIMUL anticipates these changes. NCSIMUL 2018 offers more automation and prediction of the repetitive tasks and especially for the elimination of errors, which are time-consuming for our customers. The time saved by engineers, programmers and managers, using our technologies, allows them to use their time in more productive ways at the company and make parts better, faster and cheaper."

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