Esterline Connection Technologies UTS-LC Connector - SOURIAU: simple and multi-source optics for industrial and FTT applications


Esterline Connection Technologies UTS-LC Connector - SOURIAU: simple and multi-source optics for industrial and FTT applications
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With the UTS LC connector, Esterline Connection Technologies - SOURIAU adds optical connections to its range of UTS connectors sold to millions of units worldwide. It covers all power and signal requirements on copper and fiber optics technologies, using standard accessories and maintaining the same ergonomics. UTS LC offers multiple innovations like the protection of optical terminations, or its ability to integrate all LC contacts on the market.

Industrial applications increasingly integrate optical fibers for reasons of safety and efficiency. With UTS-LC, manufacturers have at their disposal an optical solution on the shelf with an implementation as simple as for copper: no special precautions need to be taken. While in competing solutions, LC optical contact exceeds connectivity, and the fibers may be broken during installation Esterline Connection Technologies - SOURIAU has developed a special design that eliminates any risk of breakage. The termination of the optical fiber is protected by the connector housing.

With the arrival of the LTE / 4G, new optical connectivity needs are emerging in the telecoms to replace conventional radio frequency transmission on current GSM antennas with faster solutions. The challenge for installers and OEMs is to integrate fiber optics while continuing to reduce implementation and maintenance costs. With UTS-LC, without any special training for operators and without specific tools, installers are free from the intervention of teams of experts in fiber optics during a FTTA (Fiber To The Antenna) deployment, for example.

UTS LC allows the integration of all standardized LC contacts, while most other solutions use a proprietary LC contact design. This simplifies logistics flows and reduces the overall acquisition cost. A customer can buy the LC anywhere, and is not tied to any particular supplier.

The UTS-LC connector has a dynamic IP68 / IP69K seal
UTS LC is equipped with the particularly ergonomic locking mechanism of the UTS family: a 1/3 turn bayonet mechanism with a sensitive and audible click that guarantees a good connection. It is suitable for 250 couplings / disconnections.

UTS LC resists 500 hours of salt spray. It is UV resistant and will not exhibit mechanical degradation or significant color variation after 5 years of outdoor exposure (according to ISO 4892).

Esterline Connection Technologies (SOURIAU + SUNBANK) is a global leader in the market for hostile environment interconnection solutions for the aeronautics, defense, space, heavy industry (rail and Nuclear, oil & gas) and industrial equipment.

At the cutting edge of technology in terms of contact density, housing and weight, SOURIAU connectors are designed to withstand the harshest environments, including resistance to extreme temperatures, severe corrosive vibrations and highly corrosive liquids. SOURIAU has a global presence and joined the Esterline Technologies Group in July 2011.

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