AS1: Meet the world’s first 3D scanner for tracker and arm


Wednesday, May 19, 2021Description :
The Absolute Scanner AS1 is the world’s first ever cross-platform 3D laser scanner, compatible with both Absolute Tracker and Absolute Arm systems from Hexagon. Built on the same high-end technological foundation as our successful RS6 Laser Scanner and its exclusive SHINE data processing technology, the new AS1 makes collecting clean high-quality measurement data easier and faster than ever before. With accuracy guaranteed to within 50 microns throughout a measurement volume 60 metres in diameter, the AS1 is the market’s new leader for large-volume inspection tasks when paired with a high-end laser tracker. With the ability to switch the scanner to a portable measuring arm in just seconds within the same measuring session and with no need for realignment, hidden areas and cavities can be quickly digitised, allowing for complete part measurement. Watch out for more AS1 videos with more details of the unmatched features, functions and benefits of this ground-breaking new 3D laser scanner.

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