#CALIPRI Predictor condition assessment of #train wheels for predictive maintenance


Saturday, November 19, 2022Description :
CALIPRI Predictor is a user-friendly #cloud storage and #analysis tool for CALIPRI #measurement devices. Train #wheelset measurements from CALIPRI measurement systems can be automatically and instantly stored in the cloud, where CALIPRI Predictor assesses wear evolution and accurately forecasts the condition of wheels to enable condition-based and #PredictiveMaintenance. The system can eliminate unplanned downtime caused by wheel condition and allows #rail operators to safely operate their trains, wagons and entire fleets with longer, more precise #maintenance intervals and less downtime, enabling significant operational cost savings when maintaining rolling stock over its lifecycle. The solution ensures full traceability and allows secure 24/7 access to results and analytics for fleet technicians, workshop owners, maintenance workers and other company personnel worldwide. ? CALIPRI Predictor - https://hxgn.biz/3hLywzP ? CALIPRI X - https://hxgn.biz/3FZ1Xsm ? Wheelset and track profile for train and rail - https://hxgn.biz/3EyHFEQ

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