Direct scanning with the ATS600: Deflection analysis at Temelín nuclear plant


Tuesday, March 16, 2021Description :
We visited the team at the largest nuclear power station in the Czech Republic to see how they’ve been using the unique direct scanning capabilities of the Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 to analyse the deflection of the bearing shield within the plant’s turboset. At the time of the measurement, the energy plant was facing the problem of vibration of the low-pressure part of the turbine on one of the units. The influence of thermal expansion of the columns, with possible subsequent movement of the base plates, can lead to a slight deviation of the axis of rotation of the set. These changes can result in the risk of contact of the rotating part with consequent local overheating leading to a change in imbalance and an increase in vibration. The pilot measurement, which aimed to detect changes in vibration, was performed using the direct scanning function of the ATS600 laser tracker system.

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