Fluke ii900 LeakQ™ report generation: evaluate the cost of your leaks

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Friday, July 3, 2020Description :
https://bit.ly/2AHCvIg Adam explains how to use LeakQ™ online tool to generate reports showing the images, size and cost of leaks captured with Fluke ii900. LeakQ™ uses internal algorithms and data from different typical leaks to estimate the size and cost of a leak. User can tag leaks with information of leak type, type of gas (compressed air, vacuum, other gases, etc), pressure and location of the leak. Reports include leak pictures featuring SoundMap™ images, photo-notes, tags, and user annotations, along with a summary of the total cost of leaks. Update your Fluke ii900 to firmware V3 for free to get new features and functionalities like LeakQ, here: https://www.fluke.com/en-us/support/software-downloads/fluke-ii900-software-and-firmware-upgrade Register your Fluke ii900 to get notified on future updates and upgrades with new features, here: http://a.fluke.com/register-your-product Learn more about Fluke ii900 Acoustic Imager on our website: https://bit.ly/2AHCvIg #AcousticImager #Flukeii900 #LeakQ

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