Freedom of movement with Hexagon's handheld 3D scanners


Wednesday, June 5, 2024Description :
Hexagon’s ATLASCAN Max and MARVELSCAN handheld 3D scanners are designed for unparalleled freedom of movement. Experience the flexibility to scan wherever you need, whether it's on the shop floor, in the field or in high, hard-to-reach areas. Simply scan any unstable objects in any unstable area, without any need for labour-intensive fixturing. Scanning is unrestricted with the ALTLASCAN Max and MARVELSCAN – reach into hidden areas and peer deep inside cavities from just the right angle, unbounded by the line-of-sight limitations of a 3D scanner that uses a referencing device. Thanks to lightweight design, these wireless-enabled 3D scanners can be easily carried to the measurement object instead of bringing the part to the inspection room. Find out more on our website ? ? Hexagon helps manufacturers scan anything, anywhere with its first handheld 3D scanners – ? Handheld 3D scanners – ? MARVELSCAN – ? ATLASCAN Max – ?? Product enquiry –

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