Hand Held Dot Peen Marking Machine Flexmark


Hand Held Dot Peen Marking Machine Flexmark
Description :

Flexmark's hand-held model was designed to provide greater mobility to each operator.

Fully researched, this dot peen marking machine is perfect for marking large parts and difficult to reach surfaces.

Lightness, robustness and autonomy characterize Flexmark hand held model.

With its ergonomy studied and adapted, it allows a perfect marking and quality in all positions.

This equipment is robust and very compact, it can be used in a workshop, or outdoors, for marking pieces of medium and large sizes.

Flexmark is adapted for various marking modes: text, variable data, serial number, data codes, logos.

Flexmark hand-held model benefits
Self-contained: light and easy to transport. Can mark medium to large parts indoors as well as outdoors.
Easy to use: with a dual handle design the Flexmark marks efficiently in any locating position

Clever Technology
Flexmark proposes the IDI Mark feature, (Intelligent Driving Impact). The quality of the marking is ensured even with differents heights between the part surface (flat or cylindrical) and the stylus tip. This is automatically controlled by the Flexmark software.

Accessories and options with Flexmark hand-held model:
Transport trolley
Maintenance kit
Bar end tool


Marking window 120 x 60 mm
Dimensions (head) 210x273x265 mm
Weight (head) 4.3 kg
Power 300 VA
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Power supply 110 or 220 V
Operating temperature 0°C to +45°C

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