HP-L-10.10: High-productivity CMM scanning in aerospace


Friday, May 27, 2022Description :
We spoke with Matt Price, Quality Supervisor at Max Aerostructures in Kansas, USA, to find out more about how the introduction of Hexagon’s HP-L-10.10 Laser Scanning Sensor to their CMM inspection process has delivered unbelievable time and cost savings for their work in the aerospace and semiconductor industries. The HP-L-10.10 was launched in 2021, bringing Hexagon’s proprietary SHINE scanning technology to CMM measurement for the first time. With SHINE, complex measurement settings adjustments are a thing of the past – any surface can be scanned at default settings at extremely high speeds and with excellent data quality. ? Case study - https://hxgn.biz/3GjQp0A ? HP-L-10.10 Laser Scanning Sensor - https://hxgn.biz/3ps2wCm ? CMM - https://hxgn.biz/2IomgTE ? SHINE Technology - https://hxgn.biz/3fXGTE7 ? PULSE monitoring solution - https://hxgn.biz/38m6Z3G

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