JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® Microscope Camera - High Image Quality

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020Description :
For more information please visit: JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® microscope cameras serve as the perfect eyes for their users in cutting-edge microscopy applications. If your technical decisions hinge on the minutest of image details and color gradients, then the value of your work will be defined by a good microscope camera. You should actually be able to see all the image details provided by your microscope on your screen. Extraordinary vision and the ability to perfectly detect colors are features of our microscope cameras that are comparable to eagle eyes – they do not miss a single detail. Based on Jenoptik’s true-color know-how and spectrally measured sensors, JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® cameras deliver brilliant, low-noise images and important image information that provide a reliable and reproducible basis for your decision-making. Watch this video!

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