Licence free handheld ICOM : IC-F29SR Analog (PMR466)

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Licence free handheld ICOM : IC-F29SR Analog (PMR466)
Description :

Licence free Handheld : IC-F29SR

PMR446 UHF Handportable 500mW 16 Channels IP67

  • License free ICOM professional quality made
  • Dust and water resistant : IP67 certified
  • Robust (MILSTD810-G certified)
  • Compact (52,2 x 186,1 x 24,5 mm) and light 240g only
  • Exceptional audio quality, 800 mW speaker
  • Call ring
  • Channel voice announcement
  • Automatic coverage control feature
  • Compatible with previous PMR446 series
  • VOX (power save must be disabled)
  • Delivered with battery charger and lithium battery (21H approx.)

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