Meet the new Absolute Scanner AS1-XL


Friday, July 7, 2023Description :
The brand new Absolute Scanner AS1-XL is Hexagon's latest 3D scanning innovation, delivering dedicated inspection of large surfaces in a modular concept compatible with both Absolute Tracker and Absolute Arm product ranges. It features an extra-wide 600 mm scan line (at standoff) and a large 700 mm standoff distance, with a wide working range that puts hidden area inspection capability at up to a metre. This comes together with the leading 300 Hz measurement speed and SHINE algorithms found in our flagship Absolute Scanner AS1 to deliver the best laser scanner for large-scale parts ever produced. Like the AS1, the AS1-XL is automation compatible, offering a whole host of new options in the automated inspection of large workpieces – particularly when paired with our WRTL wireless scanning solution and an AGV/AMR to create a completely autonomous inspection system ideal for large-scale measurement. ? Hexagon accelerates large surface inspection with new 3D laser scanner for handheld and automated robotic applications - ? Absolute Scanner AS1-XL - ? Absolute Arm 7-Axis - ? Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 - ? Absolute Scanner -

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