Multi-physics system integration and simulation with Elements


Thursday, December 15, 2022Description :
As products become more complex, capturing the interaction of individual components once packaged into a single product becomes paramount. That's why system integration and simulation is becoming more and more important. Offering multi-fidelity, multi-domain modelling and analysis, Elements enables rapid creation of models so users can test out designs quickly, evaluate performance and feasibility, and accelerate product development. Its intuitive drag-and-drop libraries make it easy to connect components from multiple domains, while its multi-physics coverage allows users to capture complex dynamics in a single model, to solve system-level problems arising from mechanical, electrical, thermal, hydraulic, pneumatic, and many other effects. With strong connections to other Hexagon products such as Adams and Easy5, as well as openness with other tools, Elements delivers a powerful simulation experience which supports early decision-making and system integration tasks for robotics, energy, packaging & logistics, automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery and more. To learn more, visit

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