PartInspect: Structured light automation made simple


Saturday, July 11, 2020Description :
PartInspect is a high-end scanning automation platform from Hexagon that is dedicated to making high-speed, high-quality inspection based on structured light scanner technology as easy as possible. With automated offline planning and simulation processes, setting up an inspection with PartInspect is significantly faster, and can be performed completely offline while the cell is working through other programs. And with the new Manual Teaching function, advanced users can even refine predefined plans manually once they reach the cell, allowing for the fast creation of measurment programs that precisely meet application needs. Turnkey PartInspect L cells are available in three configurations – Efficient, HiEnd and HiRes – based on the leading fringe projection technology of our PrimeScan and StereoScan neo 8MP and 16MP scanners.

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