PC-DMIS 2020 R2 – Geometric Tolerance


Saturday, May 1, 2021Description :
Our new ?rule-based? GD&T library supports ASME Y14.5-2018, ISO 1101-2017 and offers a number of improvements and expanded capabilities over the current XactMeasure library. In 2018, the Y14.5 definition of datum features was revised to provide a mathematical definition for a single datum feature that represents the mechanical datum simulator or ?true geometric counterpart? per Y14.5.1-2019. This new definition improves correlation between mechanical inspection methods and digital data from coordinate measurement systems and more accurately represents how parts fit and function in their assembled state. PC-DMIS is one of the first software products to support ASME Y14.5-2018 and ISO 1101-2017, enabling you to meet the demands of new design specifications with confidence and efficiency. The software’s new error checking ensures specifications comply to ASME or ISO standards and flag invalid callouts with descriptive warning messages to aid in catching and fixing drawing errors. The new GD&T library also supports model-based definition (MBD) in accordance to current ASME and ISO MBD standards.

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