Quaker Houghton Fluidworker™ - Chemical-free solution to bacteria control.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020Description :
Quaker Houghton Fluidworker™, presents an innovative application of proven bactericidal technology. Biocides can cause serious health issues and environmental damage, and QH Fluidworker™ eliminates the need to use harmful and expensive biocides. It utilizes UV-C light to damage bacteria DNA and prevent it from replicating, and within 24 hrs of installation QH Fluidworker™, bacteria in contaminated metalworking fluids can be reduced by 99% Drastically extending the lifespan of metalworking fluids and removing dependence on expensive and harmful biocides, QH Fluidworker™ is recognized as: - Cost efficient - Compliant - Best in practice - Contributes towards a safer working environment - Available for rental or purchase Learn More: https://home.quakerhoughton.com

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