Locating pins high performance ceramic


Locating pins high performance ceramic
Thursday, December 10, 2020Description :

New from norelem :

Locating pins made from extremely robust, high performance ceramic

Machine and plant constructors profit from a much longer service life in comparison to metal pins.

Rest pads and locating pins have to withstand a lot and should, above all be one thing: extremely robust. Therefore, norelem now also offers these standard parts in an extremely durable high performance ceramic version. They have a much longer service life than pins made of conventional materials.

Less wear, high abrasion resistance, temperature stability and frequency neutrality: These are the advantages of the new locating pins and support pads made of high-performance ceramics. Machine and plant construction profits from this especially – ceramics are becoming increasingly popular in these branches.

norelem has added rest pads and locating pins made from extremely robust, high performance ceramic to its portfolio.

Apart from locating pins and rest pads, customers can also find the following high performance ceramic items in the norelem product range: Dowel pins, Parallel keys and Guide bushes.

norelem also has dowel pins, parallel keys and guide bushes made from high performance ceramic in its program.

The locating pins and rest pads are extemely hard wearing because, they are made from the innovative material Cerazur®. Cerazur® is a metal-ceramic compound and therefore extremely impact resistant and very rigid. The basis of this material is zirconium dioxide: The inorganic material is pressed into shape as powder, then milled in green machining and finally sintered. In the final processing stage, the workpieces are ground to their exact standardised dimensions.

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