Electrically conductive wheels and castors


Electrically conductive wheels and castors
Friday, September 24, 2021Description :

Efficient protection against electrostatic discharges for many industrial applications

New to the norelem product range are electrically conductive wheels and castors that protect against electrostatic discharges. Equipment and steel plate castors are available in various standard sizes with wheel diameters of 50 to 200 mm.

Electrostatic discharges can be very painful for operators of transport equipment, or even damage sensitive goods. The new electrically conductive wheels and castors from norelem, with a maximum electrical resistance of 104 ? reliably prevent such contact shocks. An additional advantage of these components is the special grey wheel tread made from high quality thermoplastic rubber elastomer that leaves no marks on floors or other surfaces.

The norelem range includes equipment and steel plate castors, the latter are also available as heavy duty versions. Customers can choose between fixed and swivel castor (as an option with brake function). The load rating per castor is between 30 and 160 kg, depending on the size and type. A yellow dot between the tread and hub identifies those that are electrically conductive.

Electrically conductive wheels and castors are used in various different industry sectors, such as electronic and semiconductor industries, the automobile industry, hospitals and medical technologies. They are also used in areas that have a high risk of explosion.

Equipment castors can be combined with light aluminium profile constructions and are often used on medical equipment and display trolleys. Steel plate castors are the ideal choice for transporting heavy machines, fixtures, pallets or work platforms

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