Surface protection technology for all types of component


Surface protection technology for all types of component
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Effective protection during manufacturing, cleaning, storing and transport

Perfect protection

Surface protection technology for all types of component

Effective protection against damage during production, cleaning, storage and transport – This is what the surface protection sleeves, protective net caps and net mats from norelem offer. The flexible, reusable polyethylene, polypropylene or polyamide protective sleeves easily adapt to the specific component. They are resistant to permanent deformation and can therefore be re-used even with differing component geometries - including in medical technology. The net sleeves are simply slipped over the components without any additional aids and do not have to be removed for cleaning or disinfection.

By using the norelem surface protection sleeves, protective net caps and net mats, even products and components with sensitive surfaces can be easily and closely stacked, saving space. The heavy metal and plasticiser free protective netting is impervious to many greases, oils, acids and solvents. They can therefore be cleaned quickly and easily with standard cleaning agents. The mesh structure allows air to circulate, thus preventing moisture build-up and simultaneously enabling the protected products to be clearly identified.

Surface protection nets

With light, sensitive furniture feet, heavy shafts with highly sensitive surfaces or sharp-edged CNC tools - the highly elastic, tear-resistant polyethylene surface protection sleeves are the perfect protection during transport, storage or assembly. The sleeves are simply slipped over the component without any further fixation and are just as easy to remove. The surface protection sleeves from norelem are available in four different resilience levels and colours, in diameters from 7 mm to 600 mm on the roll.

Protective net caps

For the protection of components with a particularly sensitive pointed end, norelem has included polyethylene protective net caps in its range. These protective caps, which are closed one end, are simply slipped over the respective object. Additional fastening is not required. norelem offers the protective net caps in three diameters and three colours: 8 mm (red), 10 mm (orange) and 15 mm (blue).

Net mats

The soft, lightweight net mats from norelem are the ideal intermediate layer to protect products when stacking several boxes or pallets. They serve as shock absorbers and ensure uniform pressure distribution. The portfolio includes polyethylene mats with or without anti-slip effect for transport and polypropylene and polyamide mats for parts cleaning. The temperature resistance of the net mats for parts cleaning is 110 °C when using chemical and 130 °C when using aqueous cleaning solutions. Coated protective mats are particularly suitable for transporting pallets, wire mesh boxes and storage boxes. All net mats are available on the roll to cut as required or as finished individually sized sheets.

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