Suspended in no time - with the crane hooks from norelem


 Suspended in no time - with the crane hooks from norelem
Wednesday, September 22, 2021Description :

A comprehensive range of crane hooks for various lifting applications

The norelem crane hooks are connecting elements between the hoist and the lifting chain or textile sling. They can be used for lifting weights of up to 10 tonnes and are produced to meet the current safety requirements.

At norelem designers can find all conventional hook types with eye or clevis. The latter are supplied with bolt and pin and enable direct mounting on the chain without the need of intermediate links. These crane hooks are suitable for chains of nominal size 6 to 16 mm and, as previously mentioned can be used to lift weights of up to 10 tonnes. All models have a high quality safety catch which prevents the load slipping off. The self-locking hooks 07792 and the swivel hooks 07794 close and lock automatically under load and so, offer the user even more safety.

The round sling hooks 07796 are best suited for quick lifting jobs using lifting tackle such as flat or round textile slings. These also have a robust, forged safety catch. All edges are rounded to protect the textile lifting tackle. The colour of the round sling hooks corresponds to the colour code assigned to textile lifting tackle that signifies the permissible loads.

All crane hooks in the norelem range are manufactured according the current safety regulations and correspond to the Machinery Directive and are BG certified (H stamp). The crane hooks from norelem are available as high quality grade 10, the round sling hooks and matching links are grade 8.

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