Slam latches from norelem, secure locking of doors and hatches


Slam latches from norelem, secure locking of doors and hatches
Friday, September 24, 2021Description :

norelem has expanded its range with high quality slam latches. The cast aluminium lock allows for easy and secure closing of doors and hatches. They are also available with a safety function should the situation demand it. Slam latches from norelem are highly flexible and do not just have to be fitted to conventional profile cross-sections, but can also be fitted to diverse other flat surfaces.

Slam latches consist of a grip and a latch. When the grip is pulled lightly back the catch withdraws into the latch and the door can be opened. A light push on the door is sufficient to close it and engage the latch.

Slots in the slam latch allow it to be fastened to different profile cross-sections (30, 40, 45 and 50mm). The slam latch can also be fastened to other flat surfaces such as left or right closing doors, making them very flexible. They are fastened with ordinary M6 cap screws or pan head screws. When closed, the slam latch cannot be dismantled.

For sensitive areas slam latches with integrated safety function are available. These have a proven transponder coded security technology and make the securing of safety doors and hatches to Kat. 4/PLe possible. The use of transponder technology provides maximum security per EN ISO 13849-1 (Kat. 4/PLe) and ensures absolute und tamper protection. The data cable connects to an M12 8 pin plug.

Slam latches are available with or without locks. Those with locks ensure additional security against unwanted egress, by these the customer can choose between key and cylinder lock (Euro lock 5333), 8 mm square pin actuation or 5 mm double bit actuation.

Also available from norelem is an Emergency opener for use in cases of accidental lock-ins. This can be used in emergencies to open the door from the inside. The emergency opener also works by locked slam latches.

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